Terms and Conditions

Detailed below are our standard terms and conditions which apply to all transactions with Custom Gateway Limited unless otherwise agreed

  1. An Order Acknowledgement will be sent to the person placing the order for every order placed whether recurring subscription or one off development (even when an electronic proposal has been confirmed via Pandadocs). Any queries with the order details either functionality or price should be raised at this stage as this document forms the basis of the contract between our organisations

  1. Invoicing for recurring services will start once you have been given access to either your Gateway CPP / OMS Admin Panel and / or you Gateway Sites Admin Panel and the appropriate training has been provided

  1. All Prices for development work or website maintenance are for the specific tasks detailed on order confirmation or support desk ticket - additional work required is liable to a separate quotation

  1. Functionality for any software or service supplied must be checked prior to your first login to the software as any contract terms for individual products or services cannot be altered once contract in place

  1. Support is provided as detailed on our service level agreement and is included as part of your Custom Gateway License Agreement for the products detailed in your order acknowledgement

  1. Recurring Payments due must be made via direct debit, credit card or standing order on the agreed date each month to maintain your service

  1. Fixed price website maintenance tasks should be paid prior to work commencement. Hourly rate charges should be paid once job has been delivered


  1. All data, confidential information and images provided to Custom Gateway Limited  will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be used in compliance with the relevant UK and International Data Protection Acts and Guidelines

  1. Work undertaken for integration with third party applications such as Twitter, Facebook and Magento is not guaranteed as future proof and may be subject to future development costs if those third party systems are upgraded

  1. Contract Periods will vary on the software or service provided and are detailed on the individual license agreements for each product

  1. Software and services provided that require an on going payment will be auto renewed on a rolling contract. To cancel you must contact us in writing to confirm your request to accounts@custom-gateway.co.uk. All cancellations require a minimum 90 day notice period

  1. All Development projects are subject to a 100% advanced payment unless specified differently on the Order Acknowledgement.

  1. Invoices for artwork generation and print job delivery (click charges) will be raised at the end of the month on which they occur and are due 30 days from date of invoice via a direct debit or automated credit card agreement

  1. Our liability is limited to the cost of our software and services only

  1. We reserve the right to suspend access to your services in the event of invoices not being paid within 30 days of due date

Issued April 2017

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